LPHS Class of 1962 - Alumni Information

This is your Alumni Information Page. To see the list and pictures of the deceased alumni, please click on the picture. To see additional information of our classmates, such as personal photo galleries, and a web page to see if you can identify the classmates in the pictures, please click the picture labeled Alumni Extras. To see information and pictures of our high school and teachers, please click on the picture labeled Our High School.

Please look at the missing alumni of the LPHS class of 1962 which is split into 3 groups: from Donald Adkins to Angie Franco in group one, from Eunice Gentili to Beverly Rath in group 2, and Danny Rey to Ron Zerbel in group 3. We are hoping to get updated information for these missing classmates from the individuals themselves, or other friends. Click on the appropriate box below of the missing classmates to see the names and senior pictures, if they were taken.

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Deceased Alumni
Alumni Extras
Our High School and Teachers

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Missing Alumni-Letters A to F
Missing Alumni-Letters G to R
Missing Alumni-Letters R to Z