Combined Class Reunion

This year we are planning a Combined Class Reunion for the classes of 1959, 1960, 1961 and 1962. The event will held on September 30 to October 2 at the Conference Center and Lodge at the Cal Poly Pomona Campus. All of these combined classes were pleased with their experiences during the many Class Reunions held on this campus. Here are preliminary cost breakdown for an overnight stay at the facility and the dinner.

Preliminary Schedule

September 30, 2023
Saturday Afternoon
Hospitality and Get-together
Name Badges
Time to be Determined

Saturday Evening
Pizza-fest (not part of the budget)
Someone to make a run for pizza and drinks

October 1, 2023
Sunday Morning
Breakfast Get-together
Price Included for those staying at Cal-Poly Kellog West (KW)
Others will pay around $11/person
Please let us know in advance so we can inform KW

Sunday Afternoon
Hospitality and Get-together

Sunday Evening
Dinner ($75 per person, which will also cover all the reunion fees payable to Cal-Poly... To see the steps to send your check, see the instructions under the top picture.)

October 2, 2023
Monday Morning
Breakfast Get-together
Same rules as Sunday's Breakfast

After Breakfast options will be discussed, such as a visit to our old alma-mater. Anyone interested? See update shown on the right from Fred Barnard '59 on the LPHS tour


To see the activities of the 45th and 50th class reunions, click below...

45th Class Reunion

50th Class Reunion

LPHS Combined Class of 1959, 1960, 1961 and 1962


To send your check, do the following steps:

    • Make the check payable to "Bill Martin" not to the reunion committee or anybody else. Bill Martin '60 is one of the combined reunion committee members along with Ken Hanson '59, Aggie Emerch '61 and Vern Browne '62. Bill Martin is in charge of collecting all the funds and payments to Cal-Poly. He has a separate account from Chase just for this reunion with no charges.

    • IMPORTANT UPDATE 8-22-23: We are getting close to the deadline to let Cal-Poly know on the number of individuals attending the dinner on Sunday, October 1st, so please send your check to Bill Martin by Sepember 15th. Remember, the $75 charge per person includes the dinner and other charges needed for this event to be held at Cal-Poly.

    • At the left bottom of your check write in "LPHS Reunion" and include a sticky or some type of note indicating with name(s), class year(s) for the person(s) being paid for and the amount of any donation.

    • Voluntary donations are sought, to pay for enhanced “extras” at the Reunion (more/better snacks, longer Hospitality Room hours. etc.), and to allow for covering expenses of any classmate unable to pay the full fee. Note: Any surplus left when the Reunion books are closed in the Fall, will be donated to LPHS, for specific purposes to be decided during the Reunion.

    • Mail your check (Please, NO CASH) to:

      Bill Martin, 20115 Avenida de Arboles, Murrieta, CA 92562

If you plan to stay at the Cal Poly Facility (Kellogg West), then please read the following information:

    • Kellogg West is currently accepting reservations for our Combined Reunion Classmates. You can reach them at (800) 593-7876 or (909) 869-2222 and use the discount code 2545 for the nights of September 30th and/or October 1st..

    • Rooms will cost $109 + tax for a single person and $119 + tax for double occupancy per night. Includes breakfast for up to 2 people.

    • Check in time is 3:00 p.m. and check-out time is 12:00 p.m.

    • Reservations must be made no later than August 31st 2023.

    • After August 31st all other rooms without reservations will be released to the general public.

    • Staying at Cal Poly includes lodging, parking, free breakfast, and wireless high speed Internet. Complimentary shuttle service from Ontario Airport is no longer available.

    • If you are not staying in a room, then the cost is $11 for breakfast.

    • At the left bottom of your check write in "LPHS Reunion" and include a sticky or some type of note indicating with name(s), class year(s) for the person(s) being paid for and the amount of any donation.

    • MESSAGE UPDATE 8-22-23 from Fred Barnard '59:

      We also now have arranged for a guided tour of the LPHS campus starting at 11:00 a.m. on that same Sunday. Thanks to Principal Lisa Lopez, the 2-hour Sunday tour will be guided by school staff, who will take us to the old campus that we knew so well, plus modern improvements such as the new Pool Complex, electronically-enabled classrooms, the embrionic LPHS Museum, and even the Class of 1959 Tree (a velvet ash, planted in early 2020, and now thriving) Since the Tour is on a Sunday, parking should be available on Nelson Avenue or in the school parking lot off Nelson.

      NOTE: The nascent LPHS Museum is being assembled on campus. Donations of LPHS MEMORABILIA are sought for this museum. This could include school publications, athletic letters, school clothing/costumes, trophies, or whatever else you treasure, but feel would be relegated to dead storage or discard when you are through with it. Please bring these item to the Reunion, whether or not you are able to join the Campus Tour on October 1. By the time of the Joint Reunion, we will have more precise information on modernization projects at the school. Any alumnus (and guests) may join the Tour, whether or not you will attend the Joint Reunion. However, you must REGISTER IN ADVANCE for the free tour. If interested, please send your name and guests' names, including class year to your class year representative.

      MESSAGE UPDATE 9-12-23 from Bill Martin '60:

      Per a request from Christina Godoy at Cal Poly I called her with the results of our menu selections. She has a staff meeting tomorrow regarding our event. By majority vote those choices are: Tri-Tip beef and breast of chicken with Marsala sauce, Caesar salad, Garden Salad, Bow Tie pasta salad, scalloped potatoes with vegetables from Cal Poly's garden. Desert is Apple Cobbler and Creme Burlee. Our event formally begins at 5:00- 6:00pm with a no-host bar. Dinner from 6:00- 7:30pm. Our event will close at 10:00pm. Our paid count for dinner is 117 and promised payments in the mail should put us closer to 125! Thanks to all of you for your help.


Pictures from LPHS62 45th Class Reunion

The LPHS'62 45th Reunion getting started with Sheriff Mike Vasquez controlling things calpoly-02

The 45th getting started with David and Suzzane walking in... hospitality area

Classmates enjoying friends and past memories in the Hospitality Area for the 45th hospitality area

Arriving early for the 45th are David, Judy, Cheryl and Jim dining area

Our own classmate, Eleanor, entertaining during the 45th dining area

Friday Night gathering with Karen and Henry trying to guess how many bottles on the shelf
Marie saying "Here We Go Again..."
friday night gathering

Friday Night with Mike and Vern seeing each other for the first time since high school hospittality room

Terri and Linda sharing their high school days during the 45th hospittality room

The New Warriorettes doing their dance routine at the 45th... hospittality room

Judy and Jack enjoying the 45th festivities hospittality room

The 45th Hospitality Area with Vee, Vern and Kathy hospittality room

This group went to Rowland Elementary together...
John, Christina, Judi, Roger, Judy, Pat and Frank
Linda and Cheryl are sitting

hospitality Room

Another group that went to the same grade school together - Fairgrove
Jim, Peter and Henry in the back row
Frank, Melody, Joyce, Carol, Linda and Jack
Kathy and Janie are sitting

hospitality Room

And yet another group that went to the same grade school (Sparks) together
Mike, Judy, Al, Pattie, Mary and Vern

hospitality Room

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