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We are trying to collect a series of photos of our classmates, from the early years, through high school and up to the present time. We want all our classmates to be involved and to let them know that in our latter years we are all striving to do the same thing. That is, to be as healthy as possible and see our children and their children grow to be happy and healthy.

Showing pictures of our classmates at different stages of our lives is just a way we can share and maybe have a laugh or two of the memories these pictures can bring.

As we get closer to our 50th Class Reunion in 2012, we are hoping to accumulate many memories in pictures and videos that can be shared with all our classmates. Even if you won't be able to attend any of our class functions, this website will be your doorway to see your classmates from a different perspective.

Remember, we are setting aside many web pages for our classmates to display pictures of themselves and their families. Look at the Alumni Extras page to see samples of photo galleries of other classmates. So, please do what you can by submitting your pictures at any time.


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Our High School

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LPHS Class of 1962 Extras - Unknown Alumni Game

Do you know the names of the two US Army Soldiers in the picture below?
These 1962 classmates attended all four years at La Puente.
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Do you know any or all the names of these beautiful classmates in the picture below?
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Besides Jane, Cindy and Peggy... who else is in the crowd cheering
Jim Nash and the LPHS basketball team, below?
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jim nash